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Code of Conduct

Bayside Hockey Club strives to adhere to the Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport. We value the code as outlined below and ask that all of our spectators, players, club members, officials, participants, administrators, coaches, parents or members of the club work hard to ensure:


  • inclusion of every person regardless of their age, gender or sexual orientation

  • inclusion of every person regardless of their race, culture or religion

  • opportunities for people of all abilities to participate in the sport and develop to their full potential

  • respect is shown towards others, the club and the broader community

  • a safe and inclusive environment for all

  • elimination of violent and abusive behaviour

  • protection from sexual harassment or intimidation.

We also abide by the Hockey Victoria Codes of Behaviour which you can view via their website.

Club Values

Club values are an important part of the Bayside Hockey Club culture, and lead everything we do. The Club expects all players, coaches, volunteers, spectators, administrators, members and associate members, to abide by these values:


  • Be open, honest and transparent in all dealings.

  • Use powers responsibly.

  • Proactively manage any/all conduct issues.

  • Avoid bias, favouritism or self-interest.


  • Treat others fairly and objectively.

  • Promote diversity and inclusiveness.

  • Proactively manage any/all instances of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

  • Consider the views of others.

  • Respect opposition in all grades of the competition.


  • Believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Rally around unified goals.

  • Provide effective communication channels.


  • Be an active contributor and represent the local community.

  • Proactively search for ways to support our internal (club) & external (non-club) community.

Club Policies and Terms of Membership

In accordance with the Bayside Hockey Club constitution, all persons applying for membership of Bayside Hockey Club Inc. ("the Association") must agree to comply with the Association's policies which can be found under the Resources tab.


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