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Registration 2024



Great news - fees will remain the same as 2023! To begin the registration process click the 'Register Here' button above.  Once you click on the link - there is a step by step guide at the beginning to help guide you through the system as a new or returning member.  

2024 Membership fees

Screen Shot 2024-01-11 at 9.04.46 pm.png


The registration link takes you to revsport where members will be provided the opportunity to pay for their fees up front or via a payment plan consisting of a discounted initial payment followed by (3) three monthly invoices.


 If you are struggling to pay your fees or you would like to implement a payment plan different to the options in revsport the club is flexible to supporting its members circumstances. Please email: or


If you need any help with the registration process itself please contact the Club Administrator at: 

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