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Community Support 

At Bayside Hockey Club, we value our local community, and actively seek to engage and foster meaningful ongoing partnerships which make the local community a better place for all of us.


This community support is visible at our social events. Support includes raising awareness of local and relevant issues and causes within our membership base through face to face, digital, and print communication. 

Our Community Partner - Bayley House

Bayley House logo.jpg

We are proud that since 2017, we have partnered with Bayley House - as our primary community partner. Bayley House is a local not-for-profit organisation delivering services and programs to support adults with an intellectual disabillity in the Bayside community.


In 2017 our fundraising efforts raised over $2,000 to help Bayley House continue to support their clients.


You can learn more about  Bayley House and the great work they are doing at their website -


We are always keen to support more worth organisations and causes with a local Bayside focus. If you think we can help you, please email us at

In addition to our support for Bayley House, the Club continues to support causes and organisations aligned with Hockey Victoria's feature Rounds. These include Women's Round, Men's Round and Fair Go Sport! Round. 


We provide support for:

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