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Why Flaming Sharks I hear you ask??

Well there are six metropolitan zones and four regional zones that compete in the Junior State Championships.

Of these six metro zones - teams from the Southern Sharks Zone (Bayside, Mentone and SUHC) and teams from the Central Flames Zone (Powerhouse/St Kilda and TEM) got together to put on a little friendly tournament.

Due to COVID, 2020 has been an interesting year for all things sport and this is a great opportunity to squeeze in some hockey before Christmas.

Not to mention - how cool is a purple shark in a ring of fire!!

The Flaming Sharks Summer Hockey Carnival is a great way to see out 2020!

This is a 5 week inter club carnival against Powerhouse, Mentone, TEM and SUHC. 


It starts Monday 16 November 2020.

Teams are mixed gender, skill and friendship to ensure a fun and friendly competition.

You must be HV registered to play in this competition**.


If you did NOT register earlier in the year then please go to: 



and select either Register or Renew.  In the drop down menu choose - COVID Summer Junior Levy ($12.00).

Under 10

5.15pm Wednesday 

Bayside Hockey Club

237 Dendy Street


Under 12

5.15pm Monday


102 Farm Road


Under 14

5.15pm Tuesday

TEM Hockey Club

482 Auburn Road


Under 16

5.15pm Monday

Mentone Hockey Club

756/758 Springvale Road


Under 18

6.10pm Friday

Bayside Hockey Club

237 Dendy Street


** To check if your are already HV registered check through your emails with the subject 'Membership Details' (it may have been sent around April/May) or alternatively email and we can look up our records.

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